Club Policies

Boronia Football Club recognises our obligations as a community based organisation that provides an important sporting and social hub for the people of Boronia.  We are committed to operating the Club in a professional and responsible manner that is consistent with our legal obligations and community expectations.  Accordingly, the Boronia Football Club aims to create a healthy, safe and family friendly environment that will help to support a positive image for the Club and will also be advantageous in attracting new members.  

What are our Club’s Legal Responsibilities?

Under common law, the Boronia Football Club has a legal duty of care to ensure that all players, officials, volunteers and club visitors are not exposed to potentially harmful situations when attending club facilities, functions, meetings and activities undertaken by the Club. The Work Health and Safety Act (WHS, March 2016) stipulates that working volunteers must have a safe environment to work in. In addition, the Victorian Smoke Free dining legislation states that enclosed dining areas must be completely smoke free.

Who is affected by our Club Policies? 

Our Club Policies apply to all players, members, administrators, officials, volunteers and visitors of the Boronia Football Club.

Policy Review Initiative

Our club policies are currently being reviewed and refreshed and will be progressively published on this website.   Many thanks to Libby Flanagan for undertaking this initiative.  Please direct all enquiries to Harry Burgess, General Manager, Boronia Football Club.  e-mail:

BFC Alcohol Management Policy 2017

BFC Code of Conduct 2017

BFC Disability Action Plan 2017

BFC Illegal Drug Policy 2017

BFC Respect and Responsibility for Women SOI 2017

BFC Safe Transport Policy 2017

BFC Smoke Free Policy 2017

BFC Team Selection Policy 2017

BFC Vilification and Discrimination Policy 2017